strategy -

We offer strategic environmental & social governance (ESG) advice that reflects your way of doing business, aligns with your corporate strategy and is easy to communicate to key stakeholders.

Without an effective strategy, it is likely that you will be managing your business ineffectively and falling short of your stakeholders’ expectations.

In producing an ESG strategy for your business our team of experts will assess where your business currently is and where it wants to be with regards to current engagement and processes. Through stakeholder engagement, peer group reviews and analysis of your business's operations we will deliver an ambitious but achievable strategy which differentiates you in the market, futureproofs against impending legislation and sets measurable targets against key key performance indicators.

Key steps which Orbis Advisory will help you with: -

  • Understanding the pressures on your business, and associated risks.

  • Identifying the potential opportunities and benefits from advancing your ESG programme.

  • Benchmarking your performance against your peer group.

  • Accessing current stakeholder needs and future expectation.

  • Accessing potential areas of improvement & setting targets (i.e. Science Based Targets).

  • Establishing a clear plan of action with assignment of responsibilities.

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